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Reunion chez Susan

Publié par Roviane

What an exciting and enervating evening!  First I ran around making sure everything was ready---cleared space of all the usual debris in our living room----newspapers, drawings, thread, dead flowers, etc.  Then made sure there was stuff to drink and eat---not too much, because les girls don't eat so much.  We're too busy looking and talking and doing.  Then I wanted to make sure there were some of the things available for Miriam's workshop,      "how to cover a box with embroidery."  Glue, polyester,etc. But before I continue, here is my flexible recipe for the dip I served, which Rolande liked.

Susan's Dip
regular carton cottage cheese
a few dollops yogurt
about 1/2 or more white cheese
olive oil
salt and pepper
lots of chopped cilantro ("cusbara") and dill ("shamir")
Some sliced green onion
a crushed clove of garlic

That's it.  Mix it all up, and chill it for a while, to let the flavors marry.  You can dip crackers in it, or also raw vegetables.

*                                *                        *                        *

The rest of the evening was taken up with Rolande's figuring out who does whose round robin next---this took a while.  Deborah brought us a new victim---uh, I mean member----Vicky from Natanya. She does amazing work very elaborate and beautiful.  She was working on a portrait of Vivian Leigh, the actress from Gone with the Wind.  Will Clark Gable come next?

After we oohed and ahhhed about the new additions to the round robins, Miriam commenced to teach us how to cover our boxes----not an easy task (teaching us, that is, not covering the boxes.)  We had glue and trimmings and boxes all over the place, but in the end, we had some lovely boxes, which were photographed, although there is no way I can include those photos here because I don't have them, and even if I did, God knows how to do it!  (Just kidding, Rolande.....)  Some day......

Anyway, see you all next month at Rolande's place.


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rolande 27/03/2008 17:45

Promis Deborah, je traduis des que j'ai une minute de libre... :0(Je suis au boulot et je profite de qq minutes de pause pour venir aux nouvelles :0)

deborah 26/03/2008 18:58

salut les filles!qui peux traduire la recette?

Rolande 26/03/2008 18:56

Thanks a lot Susan for this article.Merci Susan pour ton article, je passe en coup de vent sur le blog, je traduirais tout plus photos demain ou apres-demain... je suis trop occupee aujourd'hui.Too busy today but tomorrow I hope writing a resume of the meeting.Bisous, kisses

myriam 26/03/2008 17:15

a promise, of course my dear (lol)

susan 26/03/2008 17:07

Miryam, is that a threat, or a promise?

susan 26/03/2008 17:06

Is that a threat, or a promise?

myriam 26/03/2008 09:27

La prochaine fois c'est toi qui enseigne! J'espere etre aussi attentive que vous l'etiez!

susan 26/03/2008 08:15

Omigod!  I forgot to thank Miryam.  Merci Miryam.  You are so patient, and such a kind a good teacher.  And with us, you need a lot of patience.  We hope we didn't t ire you out.

myriam 26/03/2008 07:29

Merci Susan pour ton resume. C'est vrai que la reunion c'est bien passee et j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir a vous voir toutes appliquees avec vos petites boites, les doigts et parfois le nez plein de colle (lol).Susan j'aime beaucoup ton humour!!!J'ai hate d'etre a la fois prochaine...bisous, Myriam

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