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Reunion de fevrier/Meeting 02/09

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Aujourd'hui c'est "jour d'élection". Il fait gris... Est-ce que ça a un rapport ??!! :0(

Avant d'aller faire mon devoir de citoyenne, je vous mets un petit compte-rendu de notre dernière réunion.

Today, it's "Election Day". The weather is grey... Is there any connection? :0(
Before voting, I'll  write a quick article.

La réunion se passait de nouveau chez Susan.
Elle nous avait préparé une délicieuse pizza et autres salades...

A pizza made by Susan,,,, yammi !

Regardez ces jolies cuillères ! C'est le petit-fils d'une amie de Susan qui lui en a fait cadeau. Il a fait les manches en fimo... c'est beau et original, non ?
A little boy gave them as a present to Susan.
The handles are made of Fimo. It's beautiful don't you think so ?

Au programme :
* Round Robin
* Tirage au sort pour les anniversaires des filles du club
* Nos ouvrages en cours ou finis...
* Programme de la prochaine réunion qui aura lieu.... chez Deborah !!! (C'est une première, elle habite Natanya)

Les filles du club ... The girls in our club...

De gauche à droite /from left to right:
Rolande, Mélanie, Myriam

De gauche à droite /from left to right:
Mélanie, Myriam, Pnina

De gauche à droite /from left to right:
Myriam, Taïcia
Déborah n'est pas sur les photos car c'est notre photographe :0)

Gloria était malade... Nous lui souhaitons un prompt rétablissement ainsi qu'à Vicky qui se remet doucement mais surement de son accident.

Au 1er plan, Rolande, puis Susan, et dans le fond Pnina qui prend congés de nous....

A la prochaine  ;0) !
See you soon ;0)!

Pour les anglo-saxones, voici le compte-rendu en anglais par Susan:

Hi Everyone,
Another exciting meeting.  Don't know where to start.  First of all, eVERYONE'S contribution to Melanie's "insect" round robin.  The new squares were out of this world---especialy Taisha's butterfly.  How do she and Deborah do it?  Are they from some kind of more advanced galaxy?  The butterfly was SO intricate, and the ladybugs, four of them in different colors, were really something.  Forgive me if I'm neglecting others, but they all look great, even mine!  I don't know how Melanie always manages to pick a theme that brings out the best work in all of us. 
The meeting was at Susan's (my) house, and very busy. everyone had a lot to say, even me!
The new round robin is Rolande's.  She gave each of us the aida and a pattern to follow.  That's Rolande---sooooo organized.  (after all, she organized the group.)  Unfortunately Gloria couldn't come, because her colleagues at work sent her home sick.  She's still not feeling great.  Refuah Shlemah, Gloria.Vickie, it seems , is mostly recovered, but can't come because of a scheduling conflict.  Pnina's hand is STILL in a splint.  Pnina, we are waiting for your hand to get back to normal, but don't push it.
The hostess made   pizza, but people were almost too busy to eat it.  Susan showed off her machine applique quiltlets , each with a lady on it.  They are amusing, and everyone was curious to know how to make them.  They're really lots of  fun to make, but you have to know a little bit about sewing.
Rolande let everyone pick a name for the birthday gift project.
There was so much going on, I decided not to serve coffee or tea, because it  was too much trouble.  Even though I sent Rolande to Fabian's on  her way here to pick up the all important cookes that I'd  left  there, to go with the coffee.  Sorry Rolande.  One never knows!
That about wraps it up.  Our next meeting will be at Deborah's house, in Netanya, on the first Tuesday in March.  Those of us from Raanana will drive up in Gloria's car, with Gloria driving.  We'll be a little squished, but that's ok.  If anyone has suicidal tendancies, I can drive them.

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Hi! I'm also Deborah, I'm also crazzy about stitch and I'm also living in Israel!!! (Migdal Ha'emek).So nice to met your blog! I always chat with womans arround the world in spanish, I didn't know you have a group here in Israel!Please, make contact with me!! Yo do so nice stitching!Hope hearing from you!Shabat ShalomDeborah
<br /> Hi Deborah,<br /> I have sent you an email today :0)<br /> <br /> Friendly,<br /> Rolande<br /> <br /> <br />
Wow ! So much beauty! Beautiful ladies, good looking pizza, lovely knives & forks.... BUT.... where's Taïsha's  beautiful butterfly??? WHERE?????Please!!! It's impossible that thers aren't any pictures..... Sorry, too lazy to translate .... Ceci dit bonne journée à vous toutes et merci pour les nouveaux liens.Amicalement Christa 
Hi Rolande, As usual, you did a great job in reporting the meeting.  But you left out the pictures that Debrorah took of all of the beautiful things that we had emroidered and made!  The insects, the paintings embroidered by Deborah and Taisha, the patchwork "ladies" I'd made, etc.  Why not add these?
<br /> Hi Susan,<br /> Be patient... :0) If I show everything in one go, I won't have anything to show for the next days ;0) !!!<br /> <br /> Anyway, I may have some problem with the next articles because my computer is out of order since yesterday, because of the heavy rain and storm. So I am writting to you from work :0)<br /> <br /> To be continued....<br /> <br /> <br />
c'est bien sympathique ! line
Je serai bien venue goûter à tous ces plats !!!!! merci pour votre blog !!!KATIA
Sympa vos réunion.Merci de nous les faire partager.Mo
Elles ont l'air bien agréables, ces petites réunions.Bises
belles photos de vous les fillesgro bisous

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