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A suggestion for our experts/geniuses

Publié par susan

Hello everyone, Salut au  toutes, Shalom le coulchem,

I was just thinking how nice it would be to cross stitch a matza cover that looks like matza.  It would be on beige or tan aida, or whateve cloth, and would have the blobby stripes of matza in maybe 2 colors of brown.  It could also say anything on it----i.e. "Matza."  Anyone want to take up the challenge?  Just make us a chart for a Mattza cover, and we will all be grateful.  We still have about 2 weeks til Passover


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rolande 14/04/2008 17:35

KOL HA KAVOD Gloria! I am so pleased to read you on our blog :0))See you soon.

gloria 14/04/2008 16:34

Way to go, Susan. Someone was selling embroidered afikoman covers at work which I purchased for a gift. Too bad I hadn't thought to make a cross-stitched one myself. If I start now if may be ready for next year.

Rolande 06/04/2008 08:51

Oui excellente idee, Susan, mais comme l'a dit Myriam... un peu court pour cette annee. Comme la moitie ou plus de la population d'Israel... je suis en plein nettoyage de printemps et preparation pour les fetes de Paques.:0))Mais je retiens l'idee pour "Pesah a ba" ;0)

myriam 05/04/2008 19:36

Sympathique ton idee Susan, mais c'est un peu court pour moi.Je suis en plein menage et mon fils que je n'ai pas vu depuis un an arrive la semaine prochaine.Peut etre pour l'anne prochaineBisous, Myriam

susan 05/04/2008 16:53

What a great idea!!

susan 05/04/2008 16:51

What a great idea!!!

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