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A painting I recently did

Publié par Roviane

As many of you know, another hobby of mine is painting.  Here is a painting which I've just finished.   I hope you like it.

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susan 07/04/2008 15:39

Ahaaaa.....Only a wise person can see this  painting.  Are you sure you can't see it?  :Actually, I didn't succeed in getting the picture transmitted, just the message.

Fée clobouclett' 06/04/2008 17:23

where is the painting ? maybe the web server is asleep  !!!biz breizh and dzing!

rolande 06/04/2008 17:04

Hey Susan,Pity you've forgot to add the picture... ;0))Dommage que tu aies oublie de mettre l'image en ligne... ;0))

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